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We offer a wide selection of baseball equipment including batting cages, pitching screens, foul poles, field maintenance products, field accessories and much more! Our expansive selection and quality products are why coaches choose Jaypro as their leading supplier of baseball and softball equipment.Ball Field

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  • Pitching Machines Pitching Machines
    The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine allows the batter to see the ball clearly all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration, and release - just like a live pitcher. The hitter sees when to stride, and the angle of release. This gives an actual live-arm sense of timing and location.
  • Team Shelters Team Shelters
    Used extensively in Europe, team shelters not only provide refuge from the elements, but the sleek look of European styling adds class to any sport facility and a boost to the morale of any program.
  • Wind Screens Wind Screens
    An attractive yet economical wind screen that will meet all of your privacy, wind and background needs.
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Tensioned Cable Backstop Net System
Please call. Not available in store.
Tensioned Pole to Pole Backstop Net System
Please call. Not available in store.
Batting Cage - Big League Series - Bomber™ All-Star
Available with skirt in various colors.

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Our complete line of indoor gymnasium and outdoor field equipment includes ceiling suspended and wall mounted backstops, baseball and multi-sport batting cages, soccer goals, wrestling mat storage systems, floor sleeved or ceiling suspended volleyball systems, wall padding, and much more.

Our sports equipment is designed for all levels of play from Pro level to the recreational.