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Long/Triple Jump Take-Off Board - 20
Long/Triple Jump Take-Off Board Tray - 20
Pole Vault Box Lid - Cast Aluminum
Long Jump Take-Off Board  - 8
Toe board Pad (Level) - Cast Aluminum
Toe board Pad (Depressed) - Low-Density Polyethylene
Pole Vault Box - Stainless Steel
Toe board Pad (Depressed) - Cast Aluminum
Pole Vault Box Lid - Steel
Long/Triple Jump Take-Off Board Tray  - 8
Long/Triple Jump Take-Off Board System - 12
High Jump Landing System Cover (Collegiate)
High Jump Landing System (Collegiate)
High Jump Pole Vault Standards (Collegiate)
High Jump Pole Vault Standards (High School)
Hurdle Cart
Hurdle Cart
High Jump Crossbar (13' 1-1/2
Starting Block (High School)
Starting Block (Collegiate)
Pole Vault All Weather Cover (High School)
Pole Vault All Weather Cover (Collegiate)

Jaypro Sports

Jaypro Sports is a leader in quality sports equipment manufacturing. With over 65 years of experience, Jaypro Sports has developed the most robust and reliable equipment for buildings and sport facilities of all shapes and sizes. From large multi-sport facilities to small elementary schools playgrounds, Jaypro Sports provides the proper equipment to meet the facility needs.

Indoor gymnasium equipment includes ceiling suspended and wall mounted backstops, baseball and multi-sport batting cages, wrestling mat storage systems, floor sleeved or ceiling suspended volleyball systems, wall padding, and much more.

Facilities Advantage

Architects, General Contractors, Athletic Directors whom have worked with Jaypro Sports products always come back. Our Engineering department will assist in the design, installation, and service of all of our equipment. With upgraded design software and qualified designers, we are able to turn around jobs quickly and accurately. Here at Jaypro, we take pride in our work!